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a woman who does not see the Kaaba

The story of a woman who does not see the Kaaba

Beginning of the story is: The woman called and said, O Sheikh:
May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you

Missed Sheikh: And you have peace and mercy of Allah
Women ask: Yashik I worked a great offense, is it possible that God will forgive me?

Missed Sheikh: Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
Woman: I worked for a great offense, and I have a sense that God will not forgive me.

Sheikh: The Forgiving, Merciful God, what is your sin?
Sheikh: The Forgiving, Merciful God will forgive any sin except to worship another god other because the one God, what is your sin?

Women: to enter the Haram and see people, but I do not see the Kaaba, to the extent that one of them made ​​me touch the Kaaba in my hand, and although the Kaaba great but I have not seen the Kaaba.

Sheikh: confirming that you worked a great sin, tell me exactly what worked.

Women confused and says: I've committed obscene, I've slept with someone who is not my husband and I committed the sin, not I do not know what exactly is the guilt.

Sheikh: impossible, but there is nothing bigger than this sin, what have I done?

Women tell the truth: I am a nurse, and I had a relationship with the quacks who make the magic work using gin-making and damage to people.
And I was to enter the bodies of the dead, and you put these works as instructed by the quacks in the mouth of the dead

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