الأحد، 10 أغسطس 2014

Asked Sheikh something very strange

There was a problem between a husband and wife

This true story has already occurred there was a man and his wife grew up otherwise simple and then enter the father and brother and the family members of that dispute and the evolution of matter that asked the girl to divorce and

 its people rejected the folks pair it and insisted on returning home and the evolution of the dispute until it comes to the chosen village and the village elder gathered families and the four and those of them alone the four

They are the father and brother and husband and wife and put them in front of him and said to them, as long as you are forced to divorce among you,

 there is the requirement before the completion of the divorce Galo What Aashikhana said must take off part of her clothes from all your clothes until the divorce initially refused and in front of the insistence of Sheikh agreed

 and told her go behind someone and Anzaay clothes so when I went to her husband behind and stripped of her clothes and left her brother and her father stood Sheikh Ba laughter

Said my daughter, women no better than her husband go with your husband Fa dispute has ended! This is a story that ended on this matter was a dispute Normal we learn in our lives, what benefit it will not matter if the woman and her care to every careful not to seek a waste

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